Monday, October 19, 2009

Could it be...Monday?

Could it be Monday already??? That was the first thought that came to me this morning. Not unlike many of you, Mondays seem to come so quickly. The great thing is that I no longer have those Monday blues. Why do you ask?? Firstly, I wake up daily feeling so blessed for my wonderful family and two happy and healthy babes. Secondly (except for yesterdays loss) I am pumped from my NY Giants' win. Thirdly I am truly happy with my job. I know that this makes me extremely lucky to actually love what I do, but I really do! There is something about holding your own destiny and of course income in your own hands. I wake up knowing that the more I accomplish, the more I feel I'm contributing to my home. If you don't think you can can. So I wish all of you to be as blessed and happy as I am on these Monday mornings!

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