Thursday, August 2, 2012


Yes, I've been noticeably absent.  My families world has been tossed upside-down.  On June 8th I received a very dreaded phone call, one that we can all agree nobody saw coming and was just unimaginable.  It was the last week of preschool for the kids and we were so ready to get the summer started.  My Mother, quietly explained that Kimberly was in the hospital and that she was very sick and they were suspecting Meningitis.  Kimberly is my very smart, beautiful, thoughtful and amazing little 17 year old cousin.  A somber phone call it was but there was optimism! That night I was on my say to visit her.  Still looking beautiful, Kim was visibly battling something serious but everyone was staying positive.  Fast forward 1 week later, a grim outcome.  The effects from the Meningitis bacteria which invaded her poor little body deemed too much and at that point she was on life support and the decision had been made to remove her..........I paused there because I know it must have taken your breathe away as it did ours.  Just one week after visiting with her I was there once again to say my goodbyes.  Not realizing until that moment how cherished that last time was.  So this blog post is two-fold; in tribute to her wonderful memory and to let you know that Meningitis can affect anyone. There are 5 strains of this terrible disease and only 3 are prevented by vaccination, 2 are not.  Our family would appreciate any donation made in honor of Kimberly Coffey in hopes that her tragedy could prevent others.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss Kasey. I hope that you are all healing from the loss of such a beautiful young lady. Take care and let me know if you need to talk.